Soil is the uppermost layer of the earth's solid crust in which plants grow (30-50 cm). The growth of plants in the soil, i.e. the fertility and reproducibility of the soil, depends on the type of soil (clay, sandy, humus, mixed), its moisture and nutrients.

Chemical analysis of soils provides information on the type of soil, its moisture and nutrients, while the amounts of available nutrients taken up by the plant from the soil are provided by chemical analysis of the leaves (foliar diagnostics). These chemical analyzes (soil and leaves) aim to inform the grower so that:

✓  to know the suitability of the soil for the crop he wishes to cultivate

✓  to achieve a qualitative and quantitative increase in production

✓  to carry out the appropriate lubrication according to the species

✓  to avoid the unnecessary use of fertilizers, as their use increases production costs

In the laboratory Modern Analytics, indicatively the following soil and leaf analyzes are carried out:

With the delivery of the results of the chemical analyses, advisory support is provided in matters of either cultivation or fertilization.

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