The food we consume is not sterile, but carries a microbial load which in fact differs from food to food. The final microbial load of the food we consume is the sum of the natural microflora of the raw material and the microorganisms introduced during the stages of harvesting, processing, storage and distribution of the food. Foodborne illness and food spoilage arise from failure to control microorganisms at one or more stages from the production of raw materials to the consumption of the finished product. The consequences of a mass outbreak of food poisoning or the presence of a batch of spoiled food can be quite serious for producers and sellers as well as for consumers and regulatory authorities.

At Modern Analytics we provide all the microbiological tests required by the food sector both for the control of safety criteria and for the control of hygiene criteria as provided by the current legislation (Reg. 2073/2005, Reg. 1441/2007).

We also provide a full range of microbiological tests for pathogenic bacteria, indicator microorganisms and microorganisms of technological interest such as:

* Shelf-life test