The company SYCHRONI ANALYTIKI is active in the field of chemical and microbiological analyzes in Thessaloniki. It prepares environmental and chemical studies for all uses. The laboratory is accredited according to ISO 17025 by the National Accreditation Council (E.SY.D), participates in scientific research activities as well as inter-laboratory proficiency testing.
It is also active in the field of management and quality assurance system installations, with an emphasis on the ISO 17025 standard. It has the expertise necessary for analytical applications of all kinds and provides direct service for the development of methods and applications in laboratories. The company provides services that are consistent with the requirements of the standards followed by ISO 17025 accredited laboratories as its goal is the most scientifically perfect and at the same time a fast service.
The laboratory's analytical team consists of Chemical Analysts, Chemical Engineers, Veterinarians and Food Technologists, who are at your disposal for the analysis and interpretation of your analytical results.
Both our experience and the successful integration of state-of-the-art analytical devices with which we have equipped our laboratory offer us unique analytical capabilities.
Applying only standard methods (ISO), as defined by legislation, and with solid scientific documentation, we can present results of incomparable analytical depth.
Our company is committed to the continuous improvement and expansion of our services, focusing on the needs of customers, in compliance with the respective standards as well as with national and community legislation. Synchroni Analytiki is already a trusted partner of many Greek and foreign companies and our next goal is to expand our circle of customers.